Immunophotonics is a biotech company developing a proprietary drug for use in a therapeutic cancer vaccine (inCVAX). This novel immunotherapy begins with a two injection procedure into any one accessible tumor, intended to liberate and utilize the patient’s tumor antigens to generate a systemic antitumor immune response.

Immunophotonics was founded in 2009 to develop and commercialize GC (N-dihydro-galacto-chitosan), the proprietary immune-activating drug used in the inCVAX approach. The company synthesizes GC (N-dihydro-galacto-chitosan) as GMP-grade drug product for use in its clinical trials.

First-in-human investigator driven clinical studies in stage III & IV metastatic breast cancer patients have been encouraging. As published in a peer-reviewed journal, several patients experienced shrinkage of both local tumors and distant metastases. In some cases, this led to a complete, long-term response. A randomized controlled trial to further assess the safety and efficacy of inCVAX is ongoing in South America. The company is currently preparing for the initiation of additional clinical trials in the United States and Europe.

Our Goal

We are a multidisciplinary team of highly experienced individuals committed to pioneering the future of cancer immunotherapy. Our mission is to make inCVAX globally available, with the vision of creating effective immunotherapies to eradicate cancer.


Immunophotonics is located in the Cortex biotech hub in St. Louis, Missouri near Washington University and Barnes-Jewish Hospital.