IPS Biopharma


IPS Biopharma AG is a Swiss biotech company developing IP-001 for the European market. Together with academic and clinical research groups, IPS Biopharma specifically focuses its investigations on the cancer indications of European importance where IP-001 may add value clinically.

IPS Biopharma has partnered with the Swiss Group for Clinical Cancer Research (SAKK) for the clinical development of IP-001, and experts from the SAKK New Anticancer Treatment Project Group are actively involved in designing the first European clinical trial. The intended phase I/II trial is planned in parallel with the Immunophotonics clinical trial in the United States.

IPS Biopharma is an Immunophotonics subsidiary supported by the Swiss Foundation for Technological Innovation (STI), the BaseCamp4HighTech, the Berne Economic Development Agency (BEDA), is located in the Switzerland Innovation Park and, as such, is an active part of the growing biotech startup community in Switzerland.




Tianjin YiNuo is a Chinese subsidiary of Immunophotonics founded in 2012. The company’s objective is to develop IP-001 for the Chinese market, utilizing local partnerships and collaborations. Tianjin YiNuo is currently supporting critical toxicology and pharmacokinetic studies designed to fulfill global regulatory requirements.